Data for the Fethos region of Noach and the NPCs who can be found there.

Jhank vur Fethos, capital city Edit

The Coalition Edit

Antonia Windhurst, female human chef, leader of the Culinary Guild

The Market District Edit


Northeast Fethos Outpost Edit

Outpost Guild Edit

Falorin, male half-elf rogue, in shrouds and cloaks, proclaimed leader of the guild's training squad

Brian, male human fighter, in full black plate armor, finds your party highly entertaining

Lensa, female elf paladin, in sparkling white half-plate, has a very direct attitude

Lanlin, male gnome cleric, in leathers with multiple holy symbols, seems very nervous

Alyda, female drow ranger, in furs and a hood, keeps her face hidden [has not yet given the party her name]

Vorlin, male tiefling monk, trains recruits in the Outpost Guild

Erzug, male ogre fighter, is the target of assassination and also the recruits' final test - to protect him

Armory/Smithy Edit

Richard Ironbeard, male dwarf, ex-warrior who now provides the Outpost Guild with most of their equipment

Grblnak Edit

City Center Edit

Tyriq, male tiefling, runs an apothecary shop but knows how to enchant things